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I believe in the power of perseverance and the unlimited potential of the human spirit. As a child, I struggled with dyslexia and had difficulty learning, but I refused to give up. In my teenage years, I discovered my potential as a musician and worked hard to become successful. Later, in my thirties, I moved to Europe and made the transition to directing and producing commercials, reality TV, and print campaigns for a clothing line.

I’m a self-taught learner, and my dedication and hard work allowed me to become skilled in various creative and technological areas. Every day, I strive to learn something new and become a better version of myself. Join me in celebrating the incredible potential within us all.

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Founder & Producer

12 hosts and 70+ guests
50,000 Spotify downloads
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Location: Bakonysárkány, Hungary
Water Source Depth: 900 meters
Solar-Powered Facility
Est. Launch Date: Spring 2023


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Collaborating with passionate individuals who want to turn their ideas into reality is one of my greatest sources of excitement. It’s a privilege to work with people who are enthusiastic about their vision and motivated to bring it to life. Whether it’s through music, film, or other creative endeavors, I love helping people achieve their goals and bring their dreams to fruition. So if you’re passionate about your ideas and want to work with someone who shares your drive and dedication, I’d be thrilled to team up with you.

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